Cube part two

The man had the twisty cube thingy again and he got all the mini white blocks on one side and he went out to lunch (in the crazy way…), did I tell you about teh new bird that the w0man got (not f0r u5 kittys)? It’s a Parakeet that she f0und on the street, I think she is selling it on craigslist here. Image


She started her own blog… i guess it was time for her to move out of kitten hood and move on to the real world…, IT’S ON MY ACCOUNT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can twist it to my needsmuhhahahahahahahah

My Big Days

Oh wow,
The man was totally UN productive today, he just sat around playing The Sims, that’s not good for any 1. Electra is thinking about starting a blog, i think its a terrible idea for her to start a blog that she has to run and upkeep all by herself, and, it’ll be not good reading at all, on MY account! I will allow it, even if it’s a bad idea, if I give her my password/code (I will). I will ask her to write on a separate post.
This is a picture of me when I was a kitten,
Umm, it doesn’t work on the mans iPod, crap, it’s really cute, but here’s a different picture,  that’s not of me,

Pretty cute huh?


Holy crap,

The entire HOUSE smells of minty goodness, I spent a hole hour just smelling the air that smells of it, but my kittens, they hate the smell of mint, seriously, they hate mint, so if you’re like ’em there’s a poll right here. 

Today was pretty normal

  • I jumped on the dog thing
  • The man put a really nice purple pillow in my cat apartment tower (I luv it)
  • I’ve been eating more then usual (kind of plus/minus there)
  • The man dropped a gum wrapper and I tried to eat it, but he pulled it away from me before I could get a good taste and smell
  • I slept in my luxury Cat apartment tower building most of the time
  • The humans have scooped the litter boxes!

Yeah, it was pretty good day